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The Comforting Sense of Smell

Last month’s blog was seen as being delivered in a more serious style than normal. My excellent boss delivered that view in an observant rather than judgmental way but still it struck home. I reflected and wondered if perhaps I was finding it harder to be light-hearted in view of what’s happening around the world….

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Marking New Beginnings

It’s February and if we narrow our eyes and look into the still-quite-far distance, there’s a possibility we can see the first signs of spring. Fair enough, this month has potential to take us back into the dark gloomy days of winter with an often late-rush of snow bringing travel to a standstill and keeping…

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The Kindness of Strangers

January: a month of new beginnings, new hopes, new resolutions. All things are possible as we look ahead to the promise of a new year. Or so it seems. Most of us start the year with a list of pledges to ourselves (and sometimes others) about what we are going to do differently. Top of…

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Happy New Year!

  Wishing you a hopeful and happy New Year.   With best wishes from all at 96 Harley Street.  

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Season’s Greetings

All of us at 96 Harley Street would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas.  

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When Hunger Fails to Satisfy

It’s lunchtime, and I chose a sandwich which is quick and easy, but then spy a chocolate chip muffin on the next shelf and can feel my tastebuds tingle. I know I shouldn’t really have it, but I have a busy afternoon ahead and I may need that extra bit of energy, especially at the…

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To Quit or Not to Quit

There are times when giving up seems to be the most sensible option. Smoking is known to be bad for your health, so it’s a good idea to stop. There’s no argument there. Even so, deciding to quit may just be the start of a difficult time and all of us who have embarked on…

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How To Say Goodbye

I recently attended a memorial service for a near neighbour who died at the age of 89. I discovered she had a fascinating life full of unusual twists and turns which she’d lived it very much on her own terms, neither bowing to convention nor to the will of others. I was privileged to know…

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