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The Body Remembers

How are you feeling about facing a new lockdown? It seems as though we might be heading that way even if we’re still at the “bespoke” stage.Personally, I’m concerned. As a counsellor and, I hope, a caring member of society, I am worried about what emotional damage another lockdown would do to us. Will it…

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Why First Impressions Count

Do you have a family member or friend who is starting a new school or encountering a new form teacher any time soon? This may be of interest to you. I’d like to repeat something told to me by a teacher. “Make sure your child behaves him/herself for the first term at least. Otherwise, the…

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In Search of a Hero

Did you watch the programme on Captain Sir Tom Moore, shown recently on ITV? What a story! A life in 100 years. Captain Tom’s is a life well lived and he’s living it still.  The story so far: we’re talking a life full of adventure, a go-getting man, a kind person – he gave up…

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Masking Up

How are you getting on with wearing a mask? Are you glad to be doing your bit for society and hoping that you’re helping to contain this awful illness?  Are you pragmatic? Do you wear it because you have to? Are you railing inside, feeling it’s an infringement of your own rights? Or have you…

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Embarrassing Families

Hands up if you have a parent who has embarrassed you lately. Hands up if you have a child who doesn’t spare your blushes. Or maybe you’re the sandwich in the middle of such awkwardness.   Whichever direction your hand has taken, you are in good company. Recently, Stanley Johnson, father of Prime minister Boris…

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After Covid

As we are slowly easing out of lockdown, it may be the time to take stock of how we can move forward into a new normality that benefits everyone. Lulu Sinclair talked in a recent blog about this having been, for many, a time of reflection, for being rather than doing, and for questioning choices we…

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Let It Go … Let It Go

Are you a determined person? Are you someone who prides yourself on getting a job done, on never giving up, on staying loyal come what may? Or are you a person who might persevere a little less than others (let’s not say fall at the first hurdle), someone who is prepared to put so much…

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Being Here

How are you and how are you getting on? Are you enjoying the respite of quiet contemplation or are you longing to get out there again? Have you been filling your lockdown time with Zoom meetings (and did you know much about them before the middle of March) with office folk and Zoom after-hours parties…

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