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The Obesity Epidemic

Every week, we are told we are getting progressively fatter as a nation and that the illnesses and physical disabilities that can be directly attributed to excess weight are placing a catastrophic drain on the resources of the NHS.  Two-thirds of adults in the UK are now overweight and 27% are classified as obese. Resultant…

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An A-List To Fight Off Disease

As a psychotherapist, working with cancer sufferers and their families, I have seen how a cancer diagnosis turns lives upside down. Both my parents were also the victims of cancer and this has led me to try to understand the disease from my own personal point of view. In other words: Is cancer my destiny…

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Hyper-Vigilance – Time To Burst The ‘Safety’ Bubble

A recent study suggests pregnant women become “hyper-vigilant” towards the end of their pregnancy in order to keep their unborn baby as safe as can be. The research from Anglia Ruskin University looked at peripersonal space – the individual sense space around a person – and tested how a woman reacts during her pregnancy.  Scientists…

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In Defence of the Millennials

I’ve been reading a number of articles over the past few months about the “snowflake” generation, the original term for the millennials. The name was cleverly created by advertising folk to target people in the age range of 22 and 37 and, from that comparatively loose term, comes Generation Snowflake and the later-born Generation Z. …

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Busting The Drug Myth

With the appalling increase in incidents of knife crime in the UK in recent years, attention has again been turned on to the efficacy of drug laws, and the need to enforce a more punitive system for the possession and use of illegal drugs. There has also been more focus on the incidences of cannabis-induced…

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When Living The High Life Gets You Down

The conviction of Anna Sorokin, the woman who conned New York’s high society into believing she was a German heiress, is a great story. If you’re a journalist, that is, rather than a psychotherapist or counsellor. In which case, it’s a very, very sad story. Anna Sorokin – who went by the name of Anna…

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Aphantasia – Blind In The Mind Part 2

Since my letter asking for feedback from anyone who had personal or professional experience of aphantasia was published in the March edition of Therapy Today, I have had some very interesting correspondence.  Some counsellors curious about the etiology of the condition have wanted to know more about it while others have written to say they…

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Suicide: The Decriminalisation Of First-Degree Murder Of Self

Suicide was once a criminal offence in the United Kingdom.   Calling it “committing suicide” sparks an instant alignment with “committing murder”, and it is a sort of murder: murder of the Self. It’s the angriest act against the Self. Attempted suicide is a violent act of self-destruction. We often associate suicide attempts with desperation, depression, powerlessness and…

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