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If Not Now, When?

Our PM was referring to the opening up of the country after our latest lockdown when he said those words. I’ve lost count whether it’s the third lockdown or the end of one continuous lockdown but, for once, Boris Johnson’s words made sense to me. If not now, when? A powerful question. A question that…

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Let’s Hear It For The Quiet Ones

It’s been a hard 16 months and we all have stories to tell about how lockdown has affected us. I’m hoping we’re coming to the end of it now. I’m also hoping that we humans, being generally very resourceful, may find we forget all our visceral feelings more quickly than we’d expect.  But there’s one…

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The Expansion of the Mid-Life Crisis

There was a time when a mid-life crisis was associated with someone giving up their old family life in exchange for a new and potentially more exciting one with a new partner.  For some people, there’s the temptation to start again and to put right the wrongs that we may have done to ourselves when…

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Love The One You’re With

The pandemic has had a dramatic effect on the communication skills of very small children, according to a recent study of some 50,000 children between the ages of four and five. The survey was conducted for the Education Endowment Foundation, an independent charity, and the findings indicate up to 25% of children in this age category…

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Fools Rush In

On Friday, April 9, 2021 at 10.40am, I was proceeding in a north-easterly direction … okay, enough of that. I was driving across a London bridge going from south to north when a police motorbike outrider – coming from east to west – drove up ahead of me and decisively indicated for me to stop….

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In Search of the Other

It feels as though we’re in the middle of a witch hunt. Or witch hunts to be precise. Against anyone and everyone, whoever they are. The most recent cause is the allegations against public schoolboys. I imagine it’s particularly about boys at those schools because they’re single sex and often boarding schools so you have…

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The Power of Hypnosis

The subject of hypnosis is a source of endless fascination. Some people consider it almost on a par with sorcery or magic tricks while others see it as a useful and important resource to be widely recognised and used within the medical profession.    Many people are familiar with seeing stage hypnotists performing the art…

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A Quest For The Best

A social media posting by an unknown American has been viewed more than 100,000 times. That sounds like a pretty respectable number. What makes it more amazing, however, is that it’s a tribute to the UK. Imgur user Chimichanga007 – no, I wasn’t sure what Imgur was either – says s/he lived in the UK for a…

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