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The Power of Introspection

  Older adults who look inwards and reflect on life may be protecting themselves against dementia, according to a recent survey. At present, the UK has some 850,000 with dementia, most of them in the older age bracket and it’s predicted the number could be up to 1.6m by 2040. The likelihood of developing dementia roughly doubles…

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When Boring is Better

Some of us are addicted to drama. We have TV show to prove it … murder, mystery and suspense. And if you, like me, occasionally protest that something that wouldn’t happen in real life, we’re shushed and told: “It’s a drama, suspend disbelief.”  If we do, we may enjoy seeing the story unfold. We may…

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A Cautionary Tale

  I was recently told about an incident in which a woman and a young child were assaulted while in the car.   The assault was on the car, rather than the persons, but I’m told it can be classified as a criminal assault.   I’ll give a brief description: The driver was driving down…

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The Starring Quality for Politicians

We might be on the way to a perfect storm. Tax rises are on their way, energy prices are already there, we’re probably in for a new bout of food shortages because of our reliance on imports and let’s not start talking about the Northern Ireland protocol. If you can explain how it’s working (or…

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When Narcissism Turns Real

Many of us will be familiar with the story of Narcissus, the flawed character in Greek mythology who fell in love with his reflection after a dirty trick was played on him by an angry goddess.   Poor Narcissus, instead of being grateful that he had been given such good looks and behaving with good…

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What A Chinese Banquet Can Teach Us About Working Together

I was lucky enough to be invited to a (late) Chinese celebration to mark Chinese New Year. I was a bit apprehensive – I only knew the person who’d invited me – because I’m not as informed about the culture as I feel I should be and had very little idea what to expect. I…

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Life’s A Risky Business

I started on this subject before the invasion of Ukraine and it felt a little frivolous to continue considering the enormity of what is going on now within our European borders. However, after some reflection, I’ve decided this idea may not be as disconnected as it first seemed.  The life-threatening situation for the poor citizens…

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How To Say Sorry and Mean It

Sorry is a word that many of us find hard to say. Sometimes, it’s not so difficult. You bump into a person, say sorry and move on with the easy acceptance that it was your fault. But it becomes a little more difficult to own up to one’s own errors when there might be repercussions…

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