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A Hidden Death From Covid

I heard recently of the death of someone who died over the Christmas period. It was a sudden unexpected death and it went unnoticed for some days. Friends telephoned their friend over a period of two or three days, assuming they might have gone back to family for Christmas.  They left messages and heard nothing…

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2022 – Facing a Fearless Future

Sometimes a person’s brain seems to be particularly susceptible to an external message. Say, for example, you’re experiencing a feeling of hunger while not being aware of the actual feeling. You may be watching television and you see someone eating some chocolate. “I know,” you think, “I wonder if I’ve got any chocolate. I feel…

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Social Media and the Drama Triangle

Social media may be punching way above its weight. What was intended to be a great source of friendship across all worlds, seems to have turned into a constant fight fest. Facebook was well-liked until the algorithms meant we stopped hearing what our friends were up to and were instead directed to specific sponsored sites…

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The Shocking Pain of Loss

A friend of mine died recently. It was unexpected and the news came as a sudden and great shock. I heard about it via a message from her mobile phone. To read a message from her number telling me that she is no more made it seem all the more unbelievable.  Much of my work…

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Time for a Collective Deep Breath

It wasn’t so long ago that we were all social-bubbled up together and longing to see our loved ones again. The fear of coronavirus left us restricted in a way that, pre-March 2020, we could never have imagined.  After some false and unnerving starts, release slowly went ahead until now we are – almost –…

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Why Every Court Needs A Fool

Anyone who knows anything about Shakespeare’s plays will know one of the starring roles often belongs to the fool. He is the person who tells it like it is. He’s the one who advises the monarch not to do what he’s about to and who foresees what might happen if he does. (His other role…

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Facing The World Again

A few weeks ago, many of us were wondering when life was going to be back to normal again. In the past days, we’ve had the terrible story of Afghanistan and the natural disasters in Haiti and who’s now talking about Covid? Funny how the world moves on so fast. Just for a moment, I’m…

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The Curse of Catastrophic Thinking

I was left to take charge of a cat for a couple of days recently. The cat stayed in his location and I had to go over and organise the feeding arrangements.  Here’s a little background information. He was a house cat; he’s become an outdoor cat and he’s developed into quite a rat/mouse catcher….

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