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Art Therapy – A Creative Approach To Change

Art therapy is a healthcare profession that uses artistic creation as a tool to facilitate the expression and resolution of emotions and emotional or psychological conflicts. Art therapy is practised in individual sessions or in small groups under the guidance of an art therapist.  Sometimes it is difficult to find the words to describe your emotions or how…

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Cannabis – Is It Wacky To Legalise It?

Psychiatrists are to reconsider their opposition to the legalisation of cannabis. The Royal College of Psychiatrists has decided on the move following the government’s decision to allow the use of cannabis for medicine purposes and on prescription. Up until now, the college has opposed its legalisation and the College’s advice has been at the forefront…

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The Power of Hypnotherapy

To keep this blog simple, I need to explain how our minds work.  Our minds drive our behaviour. You may have heard of the conscious, subconscious and the unconscious minds. Your conscious mind is reading this article right now.  It is capable of handling between five and seven bits of information at any one time. …

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Intermittent Fasting – Good for Body AND soul?

Have you ever heard somebody say: “S/he’s feeling depressed. Give him a chicken leg?” Probably not, neither have I. On the other hand, I have often heard people say: “S/he’s feeling in need of comfort, perhaps a piece of cake might help. Or a bar of chocolate.” Chicken, of course, is a protein and does…

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The Surprising Pleasure of Ageing

Who would have thought that one of the benefits of getting older is actually enjoying life more? Why is it we get happier as we age? We live in a society apparently programmed to appreciate youth, we use the term: “The optimism of youth” and, in youth, the future seems to stretch out eternally, with…

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Church makes you happy

In this age of war, pestilence and the many other scourges we are seeing come to pass, it’s good to know there’s a means by which ‘sustained happiness’ can be achieved. Researchers from the London School of Economics (LSE) and Erasmus MC studied data from over 900 Europeans over the age of 50 whose results…

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Size really does (grey) matter

It’s the size of the matter that matters, according to the results of a new study in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, snappily entitled ‘Significant grey matter changes in a region of the orbitofrontal cortex in healthy participants predicts emotional dysregulation.’ Effective regulation of the emotions seems to be an increasingly prized commodity, with soaring…

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The value of humility

How much do you think you know? And would you be right in your assessment? A new piece of research places into question the seemingly straightforward task of judging one’s own knowledge on a particular subject, and suggests that those who think they ‘know it all’ are more prone to lies and deception. Psychological scientist…

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