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Far from the Madding Crowds

The sightseeing season is under way. Hopes of warmer weather encourages the winter stay-at-homes to explore beyond their front doors. My big adventure was a trip to central London to investigate Sea Life, followed by a trip on the London Eye where the crowds are out in force. It’s a long time since I’ve had…

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Arise Sir Dad!

I was told of a client in therapy who only wanted to talk about the present and not “go there” about childhood matters. That was clear and, for the person-centred psychotherapist/counsellor, it meant that was where he and the client were going. What the client wants – within reason – the client gets. The conversation…

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The Importance of Teddy

Did you ever have a cuddly friend of some description when you were little? Do you remember its name? Or, even better, do you have it still?   I’d bet good money that you can answer yes to at least two of those questions, possibly three. In researching this blog, I’ve done a non-scientific study…

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Minding Our Language

  At the start of any new year, most of us look forwards with ideas and plans for the future.  We may reflect on what is past and decide to let go of what doesn’t work well for us and invest a little more effort in what we think we can and want to change….

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Grief – The Price We Pay For Love*

I lost a close relative recently. She lived a long and fulfilled life, most of which was conducted very much on her terms.  Strangely, for someone who was determined to be at the centre of every glamorous and fun event, this 97-year-old lady left this world so easily and so soundlessly that those lovely carers…

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Flirting with Anarchy

In my earlier days, I was tempted by the idea of anarchy. It had an edge to it; a romantic and revolutionary sound to it that separated me from the crowd of aspirational young capitalists. It was a rebellious alternative that any sensible young adult should be consider.  In those days, I wasn’t entirely sure…

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Monarch of the Glen

Imagine being given a job for life from birth. It’s a starring role, one with a lot of deference involved, no money worries, a number of different residences and someone on hand always ready to do your bidding. You need never be alone, you need never be frightened of the usual concerns we mere mortals…

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The Power of Introspection

  Older adults who look inwards and reflect on life may be protecting themselves against dementia, according to a recent survey.   At present, the UK has some 850,000 with dementia, most of them in the older age bracket and it’s predicted the number could be up to 1.6m by 2040. The likelihood of developing dementia…

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