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Time To Travel Hopefully

So that’s it. It’s over. A general election – effectively a second referendum without actually naming the “R” word – and Brexit, whether we like it or not. I’m not going to talk about that last part; opinion is probably still sharply divided. What I am going to say is I’m glad a democratic decision…

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Going Offline To Check Online Spending

We’re entering the year’s prime-time spending period with shops and online outlets doing their best to persuade us to buy anything and everything, whether we want it or not. There’s nothing new about this. We are part of a capitalist world that depends on people spending their hard-earned cash on items they may soon decide…

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Breaking Bad … Habits

It’s recently been announced that the handling of mobile phones in cars is to be banned. The idea is that smart roadside cameras will be able to zone in to drivers who simply touch their phones and the drivers will be in for an instant fine – no excuses to be accepted. It would be…

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It’s All About Trust

Discussions about “safe spaces” have become wider over the past two years or so.  The pros and cons of what they are and whether or not they should be available have been taken up enthusiastically in the media.  Young adults, from students upwards, talk about “not feeling safe” and the conversation continues. At the extreme…

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Concerning Climate Change And Other Global Issues

First, this is not a blog about the arguments for and against the scientific evidence of climate change. This is a blog about the effects of the arguments for and against the scientific evidence of climate change and what it is doing to us on an individual level. Or to be even more personal, how…

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The Supporting Role Of Strictly

September, the beginning of autumn and Keat’s season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.  It’s an emotional time whichever way you look at it and often a time for reflection. For some, it’s the end of summer and that brings on a feeling of melancholy. For others, it’s a cooling down of the weather, leaves changing…

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How Shame Can Make A Mockery Of Us All

A tutor at my counselling course told me early on in the course that many of the problems clients present with “stem from shame”. That surprised me. Surely, shame is transitory, I thought. We all suffer from occasional embarrassment but we all get over it quite quickly, don’t we? It’s not like it has to…

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Time For Some Positive Thinking

Someone asked me recently: “When did everyone in this country become so angry?” It’s an interesting question and one that’s given me quite a lot to think about. Obviously, the run-up to Brexit in 2016 comes to mind and then there’d be a good reason for 48% of the voting population to feel aggrieved. Or,…

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