East meets West at 96 Harley Psychotherapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine has long been known as a powerful approach to healing, and it is only in relatively recent years that the West has begun to embrace it with the enthusiasm it deserves. As verification of its efficacy increasingly satisfies the Western appetite for evidence-based outcomes, there is little disputing its relevance and value among today’s spectrum of treatment options. And there are few practitioners in the United Kingdom with greater knowledge and experience of one of the best known pillars of this approach, acupuncture, than Roisin Golding, one of our new therapists at 96 Harley Psychotherapy.

Roisin has been working as an acupuncturist for over 25 years and has literally written the book on acupuncture, with a textbook for practitioners and many published articles to her name. She is also a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, which she uses as an alternative to acupuncture, depending on the patient and the condition.

NLP is about learning the language of the subconscious mind and having it work for us instead of against us. Like acupuncture, it works naturally, with integration of the whole person at the heart of its ethos. By working with NLP processes, Roisin teaches patients to improve communication with their inner selves and, by extension, with family, friends and colleagues. She sees patients with a broad range of presenting difficulties, including post-traumatic stress, phobias, eating disorders and those feeling stuck in their lives. With specialist skills in the Fertile Body Method, a technique which helps individuals with issues surrounding fertility, there is little that cannot be treated by the repertoire of skills Roisin brings to the practice.

For more about Roisin’s background, interests and services, visit 96harleypsychotherapy.co.uk, where you will find the North, South East and West of psychotherapeutic excellence!

Written by Jacqui Hogan