Counselling in (neoclassical) style

Patients of Dr Robin Lawrence are in for a treat. For those who are unfamiliar with the Grade II listed house at number 96 Harley Street, it is arguably a national treasure, showcasing the superb work of Robert Adam (1728- 1792), the Scottish neoclassical Architect who was foremost of his day. Adam reserved some of his finest work for the consulting room into which Robin now moves (first floor rear) and you’ll see evidence of his sublime craftsmanship in the ceiling frieze, parquet flooring and dramatic window design (the photograph above is of the ceiling of the adjacent room at the front of the house).

But enough about Robert Adams. Robin Lawrence is also engaged in his own form of craftsmanship – the craft of freeing mind and hearts with the aid of his own particular skill, psychiatry and counselling/psychotherapy. Robin currently divides his time between seeing private patients at 96 Harley Psychotherapy, and giving free consultations to patients at Holy Trinity Brompton in Kensington and the homeless at St Augustine’s, also in Kensington. He is currently undertaking an MA in Theology.

To read more about Dr Lawrence’s work interests and specialities, please visit our website Or, if you’d simply like to visit his office to ogle one of the most beautiful, historic interiors in London, contact the Practice Manager and we’ll see what can be arranged!

Written by Jacqui Hogan