Weight Loss Programme

96 Harley Street Presents An Exciting New Weight-Loss Opportunity

A bespoke pathway for permanent change.

The team at 96 Harley Street are excited to offer you a new, sustainable and fully supported weight-loss programme, using the new prescription drug, semaglutide, which can be taken orally or by injection.

Our Clinical Lead, Dr Robin Lawrence, has been looking at official research and findings and is satisfied it is a treatment 96 Harley Street can offer with confidence to patients seeking to lose weight.

With that in mind, we have put together a complete programme to ensure you are fully supported in your weight-loss efforts.

How it works

To start with, each patient will need to attend a preliminary assessment from either Dr Lawrence or another equally qualified medical professional to ensure the programme is suitable.

The assessment will take into consideration your individual relationship with food and will include dietary and exercise analysis. Patients will then a full physical check-up and bloods tests to ensure they have no underlying issues. If all is clear, Semaglutide will be prescribed.

The plan will include a referral to our in-house dietician and the opportunity to discuss your wellbeing goals with a highly qualified psychotherapist who has many years of experience in successfully helping clients to explore their relationship with food to enable them to maintain a healthy eating pattern over the long term. Furthermore, your fitness and nutrition goals will also be discussed with a specialist to ensure you are on the right track.

After the initial assessment and treatment, you will be given a monthly follow-up session for up to six months, followed by a three-monthly session, going forward to a check-up every six months.

We need to stress this programme is not a quick fix. It will need your determination and our support. This programme is aimed at helping give you a kick start at the beginning, and to guide and support you while you work through your own learning period in connection with what works best for your body. We will work at your own individual pace so that this plan can be a sustainable way of life to maximise your well-being and keep you on the path to a healthy future.

sustainable wellbeing programme2
sustainable wellbeing programme

We believe that our practice is well-placed to help you lose weight and find a way of successfully keeping it off.

You can be reassured knowing our practice’s experienced clinicians are on hand every step of the way to offer the necessary skills to assess and treat weight conditions with all the care and expertise you need.

Our weight-loss programme takes a holistic and transformative approach that will encourage life-long positive changes to suit your lifestyle.

We look forward to working with you.