Lulu Sinclair

Integrative Counsellor & Therapist


I am a highly experienced counsellor and therapist. I work across a range of issues that include anger, anxiety, bereavement, depression, abuse, addictions, relationship problems, loss and trauma. I have lived and worked abroad and have a strong awareness of cultural differences.

I put my client at the heart of my work and believe that the person sitting opposite me in the room knows deep down what is best for him or her. I have been trained to listen. My work in the counselling room is to help you identify what it is that will make a difference to your life, and to help you find a way of making a change.

I am non-dogmatic in my approach and draw on a range of theories in my practice. My focus is always on the unique relationship I have with my client. I offer both short-term and open-ended counselling. I would suggest a short-term contract would start with six sessions and during our time together we would regularly assess how the process was working.

It may be that you feel you want to take longer to discover more about yourself. In that case, our work may involve reflecting more thoroughly on your early experiences and seeing how what happened in your past could be affecting how you are now.

Experience suggests that, if a problem is not looked at and acknowledged when it begins to trouble you, it may continue to affect you in some way into the future.

Qualifications & Training

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Lulu is a highly experienced counsellor and therapist and a registered member of the BACP. She trained at the well-respected Metanoia Institute in west London and combines that comprehensive training with a continued learning experience to help clients become the best they can be. Lulu is also interested in the Boarding School Syndrome theory and has contributed a chapter for a forthcoming book about her own experiences.

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